Marine Company Dmietta,Offers Best Quality Stevedoring Service

Best quality of service is …Our stevedoring policy

Marine Co. Is the first company in Damietta port which has shipped raw materials in containers, in Bulk.
This process is performed by


our staff and Equipments, and it is the result of our experience in the field of
Container Shipping. 


Our Major Goal is To Meet And Satisfy all Client needs 24 hour / day whatever it takes.

Recently , Marine Co. is divided into the following sub companies : -
1-Marine Import & Export Co .

2-Marine Industrial & Transit Co .
3-Marine Mining Co.
We are Working in the field of stevedoring on the Storage yards the company owns in Damietta port and
Damietta free zone.


We have an area of 35.000 m2 ( thirty five thousand sqm) between covered warehouses and open storage area.

These storage spaces are used to contain and store all types of packed and bulk raw materials such as
(silica sand , Quartz , Feldspar, Gypsum, Talc , Ilmenite…etc).

Also, we Store different types of dry cargo such as cement, sand, and Dolomite , in addition to agriculture
cereals such as wheat , corns , soya beans beet- pulp sugar and raw sugar .

Exporting & Marine:

Marine Co has recently owned silica – sand, Gypsum and sandy Kaolinite quarries with ahuge high quality
stock in south Sinai.


Now we are exporting these minerals that meet the standards of the international specifications to many countries.

Also, we export the mining products such as sand (with different grades ) along with Qoartz , Fluorspar, Talc
 and Ilmenite for various industrial and constructional purposes.

In addition, we deal in a total amount of about 500,000 MT ( five Hundred Thousand Tons ) of Cement a year

In order to serve our export activities , marine co.

Has its own high – performance Shipping equipment to speed up the ship – loading process and to assure the
best handling quality of our exported materials. 

marinco trucks


Mines & Quarries:

Eastern Desert – Abu Zneima , South Of Sinai

Head Office:
Appt . 42, El – Awkaf Bldg.,Gaalaa St , Damietta, Egypt

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Damietta Port Office:
Damietta General Free Zone
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